Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blog Reflection 2

Image result for tnhs soc     Why we do what we do is a rhetorical question. We know the reason, but the work that is put in because of our why has been amazing thus far. Our LEADership in the SOC class not only has built a foundation for the future of SOC, but it has also built a foundation for student involvement in our school, and the communities involvement in our after school activities. From ignites before games, to events in the auditorium we have created hype and support never seen before here at TNHS. Our work to show the community we CARE ( Iron Horse Festival, Christmas Parade, Angel Tree) has CREATEd avenues of community building in the future. Our community knows we care, and that they can count on us to help in anyway possible. In return our community has cared and CONNECTed with us. Offering thanks for our help, and even donations to help us continue to support our surrounding community. Through our work we have left an easier route to creating hype for student involvement, to caring for our community, and to have our community connect with us.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Semester 1 Reflection

Having SOC as a class has enabled us to put forth much more energy and focus surrounding our organization; therefore, we have been able to improve the overall quality of all the organizations at Thomas Nelson and have created energy and hype around them. For example all the energy we were able to create surrounding Friday night home football games, and the Ignite sessions before them. This semester I am proud of the ability to assist my coaches with their needs that they may not be able to do efficiently without my help in school; like helping with communication. One thing I will need to focus more energy on next semester is developing a better relationship with my community partner and developing service projects. This semester I have been able to meet most of the goals I have set for myself, and this was largely due to the fact that SOC is a class, but I need to spend time on some goals outside of school and this is a big goal for next semester. Overall, this semester was very successful and I intend to grow on it and have an even better second semester to develop SOC even more within the school.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fly Closer Friday Reflection 11/17

As part of a LEADer on the basketball team I am not only constantly pushing myself to be my best, but I am also pushing others to do their best on the court and in the classroom. This involves leading through example and vocally. By being a role model on the court through giving 100% effort and being coachable gives my teammates, especially underclassmen, a model to look after. Vocally I lead the team with encouragement, but also tough love. One of the most valuable aspects of being a leader on the basketball team is that future leaders that are currently underclassmen look up to you, and will mold their leadership qualities like yours. Just this weekend at our annual Generals Madness I had a conversation with a Freshmen about what it means to be a leader and what it looks like. I hope to continue to be a leader on this team, and that I inspire others to step up as well.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Boys Basketball Dean's List Recipients

Shout out to these TNHS Basketball players that made the Fall 2017 Dean's List! Go Generals!

2017-2018 Season

Congratulations to the team on a hard fought season!